In the first ever virtual summit, sessions will be recorded in exclusive never-before-seen videos that participants can watch unlimited times with their access. Also featuring live Q&A sessions with selected speakers.

The summit will take place early fall 2021.

Session topics

  • Peptides improving cell efficiency in the eye, brain, and body
  • Trauma and it’s effects on vision (and what we can do about it)
  • Psychedelics and syntonics vision therapy
  • The importance of circadian biology
  • Neuroplasticity and reversing learning challenges
  • The Bates Method: Letting go of glasses
  • Colour light therapy effects on healing the eyes
  • Natural light vs junk light and its effect on the eye clock
  • Red/infrared light and its healing benefits for the eyes, brain and body


Victor Mifsud
Founder of the Vision Optimization Summit; Biohacker, Vision Educator, Documentary Filmmaker

Dr. Jacob Liberman
Author, Optometrist, Vision scientist

Dr. Jack Kruse
Neurosurgeon & CEO, Kruse Longevity Center at Destin

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
Director, Arrowsmith School & Arrowsmith Program

Dr. Ray Gotlieb
Optometrist, Syntonic Light Therapist

Matt Maruca
Founder & CEO, RA Optics

Angela Peddle
Co-owner, Elite Vision Therapy Centre

Nathan Oxenfeld
Integral Eyesight Improvement

Bryan Gohl
CEO & Co-Founder, Red Light Rising

Esther Joy van der Werf,
Author, Natural Vision Educator

Tickets are $97 CAD